LaOnf, por la noviolencia en Iraq

Campaña Internacional de apoyo a la sociedad civil Iraquí

To all who call por peace… (Poem, English)

As I am writing to you…a few moments before the peace sun rises…and my heart is shaking from love and belief in our issue…

After a few moments after the beginning of Monday morning, our peace doves will fly and color every spot on earth.

The LaOnf group of Baghdad will start our art exhibition as one of the activities during the third week…

In spite of all what happened to us from oppression and bad memories since our childhood…after our dreams get old…our journey will continue…our peace doves will fly to contain all the epics of oppression.

The oppression that we lived in… and in spite of the practices of the occupation and the powers of darkness…and the curfew on (((people))), I wonder what the artist draws in such moments.

And in these moments the worst kinds of human oppression are being committed…and I wonder what we did during the curfew…and how we faced all of these moments “under the sound of bullets…”

In the middle of the mothers’ screaming and weeping over the loss of the most dear things for them…and the sounds of tanks and fighter jets that destroy our dreams and ruin our conversations…The answer…we draw…and we color…

Today we went out to scream in our loudest voice, and we chant the songs of love…that we live in peace like other nations on this earth…and our scream is a number of paintings that beat with the will of life.

What we long for…a life that is full of dignity, freedom, and peace, and in this exhibition we illuminate for you thirty paintings that elaborate on the meanings of nonviolence and peace.

It is an experiment of Iraqi youth who lived through and survived all of the events of killings and destruction…youth from different colors and places…they send a message of peace to all the nations of the earth…

My greetings to all of the activists,

Bilal Bahir

The group Artists Without Restraints

On the night of activity




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