LaOnf, por la noviolencia en Iraq

Campaña Internacional de apoyo a la sociedad civil Iraquí


Press Release for the Iraqi Nonviolence Group

Protection of Minorities in Iraq


We started our third week of nonviolence with a lot of hope for building peace in Iraq and enforcing nonviolent choice for change.  Unfortunately, violence against Iraqi Christian citizens has increased. Within less than a week, 1000 Iraqi Christian families were forcefully displaced and 11 of the Christian youth from the city of Mosul have been killed. Therefore, we are refusing and denouncing all crimes of murder and threats, and the displacement that Iraqi Christian families or families of other religions and minorities in Iraq have been subjected to recently. We are raising our voice for the following:

·       We demand that the government makes available the immediate protection of Iraqi Christian citizens and other minorities, secures their religious practice and their daily living, and starts an immediate investigation of the groups that are targeting them, especially of the latest escalation in the city of Mosel.

·       We demand that the election law related to ensuring minority rights is implemented in the process of the upcoming elections of the provincial councils because we believe that Iraq needs a participatory democracy in addition to a representative democracy.

·       We demand the inclusion of minorities in the centers of decision-making and government jobs including Iraqi defense and security bureaus.

·       We demand the adoption of a clear strategy to ensure the return of refugees and displaced peoples from among the minorities to their original places of residence.

We also demand that all of the civil society organizations and the civil and political movements to start to establish a campaign to protect Iraqi citizens, especially the Christian minority and other minorities, because they are at the core of the unity of the new federal Iraq.


Press Release for the Iraqi Nonviolence Group

Sustaining the Integrity of Iraqi Land and Air Space


As we begin the Third Week of Nonviolence with a lot of hope for building peace in Iraq and strengthening the nonviolent choice for change, the attacks on the border areas of the province of Iraqi Kurdistan escalate for a second time. We declare our denouncement of any violation of the integrity of Iraqi land and air space. We reject any justification for these violent actions which cost the residents of the border areas continued material and human losses. Any idea that violence might represent a solution to the Kurdish problem in Turkey or in any other country is short-sighted and unrealistic thinking. The alternative is to call upon all of the sides of the conflict to sit at the negotiation table and develop an agenda to solve all of the problems related to the situation of Kurdish citizens in Turkey including their cultural freedoms and in accordance with the relevant international laws and legislation.

We emphasize the importance of:

·       Halting all types of military operations within the border areas.

·       Preserving the rights of victimized citizens to get material compensation and to restore their dignity.

We also demand from all of the civil organizations and civil and political movements to start a campaign of solidarity and support to sustain the integrity of Iraqi air and land territories.



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